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Beats Exotiques is a fascinating collection of over 850 rhythms found in dance music around the globe. 


These patterns can be played on ride bell or cowbell & combined with a tasteful selection of popular bass drum grooves from rock, pop, funk and blues with backbeats on the snare. 


The easy-to-read box notations next to regular music notation - all with rhythm counts - allow readers of all levels to access the patterns. 


The beats are all in either 4/4 or 12/8, most listed geographically, with chapters on: 

  • Warm ups

  • Africa 

  • Brazil 

  • Cuba 

  • Caribbean 

  • Funk 

  • UK, Spain, Egypt

  • Rock & Pop songs

These beats are all taken directly from, or inspired by, a wide range of dance music that includes Afrobeat, Soukous, Samba, Salsa, Flamenco, Egyptian, & Funk.


This book includes: 

  • Easy-read Box Notation & counts

  • Double page spreads for ease of use

  • Many beats first time in a drum book

  • Link to play-along tracks as downloadable MP3s


Use this book to:

  • Improve co-ordination and four-way limb independence

  • Create interesting & unique ride patterns

  • Develop your groove 

  • Become a more versatile, musical and creative player

  • Improve reading skills

  • Discover fabulous new beats from around the world.

Beats Exotiques is a book of rhythms taken from areas of the world that have a vibrant rhythm & dance culture.


“This is a fantastic collection of rhythms. I’ve not seen patterns like this all in one book before. Excellent reference material!”

100s of beats from around the globe mixed with essential western grooves.

"a masterpiece of drum education"

“this is absolutely incredible!"
Dom Famularo Drumming's Global ambassador

“‘Beats Exotiques’ is a brilliant collection of world rhythms, accessible to the beginner right through to the most seasoned of players. Each example opens up a treasure trove of exploration and improvisation allowing us an exciting and creative understanding of each rhythm. This publication is definitely one I am now engaging with daily”.

Dame Evelyn Glennie | The World’s Premier Solo Percussionist

Beats Exotiques Edition 2.0 Jul 20 - cov
Beats Exotiques video review Brad Schues

Check out this great book review video by Brad Schlueter writer for Drum! Magazine and Hudson Music.


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Second Edition 2020
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Dom Famularo - drumming's global ambassador - likes Beats Exotiques!
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